A winter trip to the Lake District

Early December is one of the best times of year to go to the Lake District (one of the best mountainous regions in the UK).

So we finished up a few jobs we needed to complete, and installed a couple more prototype bits of furniture and headed north to make the most of it.

The weather was perfect: very cold, with fresh snow on the hills, and a few flurries in the air. Clear blue skies, and air still enough to light a candle.

The only snag was that our gas installation was not quite complete, so we were without a gas hob, or our gas heater, even though 99% of the components had been installed. Continue reading “A winter trip to the Lake District”

2017-11-02: Gas tank – part 1

I suspect there will be many parts to this series…

After much debate, we decided to go with an externally mounted, refillable gas  tank. This one came from Gasit in the UK, and it’s about 20 litres.

The gas fittings look reasonably straightforward, given that we’ve not done this sort of thing before, but we’ve already hit our first snag, which is that the space under the chassis where this tank is designed to be mounted is slightly different to most, so the standard mounting brackets won’t fit. So we’re having some steel angles fabricated to provide secure mounting points. More on this to come.

The space where we’re mounting the tank, and measurements for the custom angles we need to get made up.

In the meantime, we’re preparing the tank to be fitted, by spraying it with a coating of Underbody Seal paint, which is pretty gross stuff, but apparently should protect it from chips and dirt that’s thrown up off the road. Many more challenges on this front to come, I’m sure.

Spraying the gas tank with Underbody Seal paint
The strange tacky, textured tarry finish

Planning the gas system

I phoned up Gaslow to ask for advice on building out a gas locker. They advised that a refillable bottle would likely be overkill for our needs, so here, I’m planning a locker and fittings for a returnable bottle such as Calorgas or Campingaz.