2017-05-20: Rust treatment and cutting the floor

We didn’t have a whole lot of time this weekend, but made good progress doing some essential prep so we can get the new floor in.

Marking rust patches for treatment

Amy prepped the metalwork for rust treatment, and applied the POR-15 to all the minor inside patches of rust. It’s nothing serious, but we want to make sure all the rust in the inside is dealt with before we cover it in cladding or flooring, and never see it again.

Sanding down the rust patches to clean metal
Treated and repainted rust patches
Leaky trim clips before sealing

I cut closed cell foam for the floor insulation, plugged the leaky body trim clips with silicone, and cut some of the plywood floor panels to fit inside the van, using the old floor as a template.

Cutting plywood panels in the garden
One plywood floor panel, cut and painted

2017-05-13: Fixing back door latches

The back doors on our van don’t shut properly, so we need to do some adjustment of the hinges and/or latches.

I posted a query on the Sprinter Source forum, which turned up a useful YouTube video, albeit in German.

After an hour or so of fiddling about, I think we have a partial solution, which is to put a plastic shim underneath the lower latch to raise it up slightly.

You can see daylight under the doors
Loki has ensconced himself as site supervisor.
The catches mounted to the van body are about 3-5mm too low to meet the catches on the door.