2017-05-30: Admin, insulation, conduit

Today has not been the most fulfilling of days. I spent half the morning on the phone trying to sort out spare keys and the correct trim for the new window we bought. Amy was swapping materials at Screwfix. Then we tried to figure out where to route the conduit to allow for wiring up the solar panels and any 12V electrics in the van — which is tricky given that we haven’t decided where any of that is going to go. Then we fixed more rust, cut more Celotex insulation boards, sprayed more expanding foam … the same as we’ve been doing for days now it seems. We’re getting through cans of foam like there’s no tomorrow, and I can also tell we’re going to have to swap some of the insulation boards I bought for thinner ones, as the cavities at the back of the van are much shallower than those at the front. 

Treated and repainted door retainer

Fixed door retainer

Treating the rust where the sliding door stopper hits the van body

Marking the routes for the conduit so we can remember where it goes
I did manage to finish one small job, which was to improvise a raised platform for the dog to sit on behind the cab seats so he can go in the back comfortably while we’re driving. And Amy had success fixing one of the rear door magnetic retainers on the side of the van, which was poorly seated and letting in water. We want to go away in the van for a few days at the end of this week, so we’re just trying to get it fixed up enough to do that.


2017-05-28: Laying floor, fixing rust

Yep, more of the same this weekend. We had hoped to fit the new window on Saturday but we have the wrong knock-on trim, so after much rushing around car parts dealers, and phoning suppliers, we gave up on that task, and switched to some jobs we’re already working good news is, we managed to finish the underfloor insulation and fit the new floor (after much deliberation, with short, self-drilling screws). And Amy has done most of the rust cleanup on the top of the van.

All the foam strips in the floor channels fitted. I had imagined this was going to be a tidier job, but in the end, I just had to put up with the messiness. It will all be covered up…
Laying out the underlay on top of the foam strips
I used small plywood shims at all the edges of the floor panels so they were well supported
I’m checking the underside of the van to see where the screws will emerge as we drill through the metal floor. Don’t want to hit anything else…
I marked out on the underlay where all the channels were. I tranferred these marks to the plywood, so I knew where to drill when fixing down the floor
All the underlay down and taped together
Wooden floor finally installed. We will probably cover this with lino at some point
Filling and painting the rusted dents in the roof

2017-05-24: Floor underlay and rust treatment

This week, I’ve been continuing work on the floor. Before we can lay the new plywood floor down, we need to fill the grooves with closed cell foam, and then add a layer of underlay. For this piece, I used the Soudal High Tack adhesive to stick down the foam.

Meanwhile Amy continues on the rust treatment, now fixing up the few dings and patches of rust on the outside of the van.

Laying foam strips and underlay underneath the new floor panels
Rusted dents and scratches on the roof where the previous owner has encountered some low-hanging branches
Prepping the rusted areas for treatment and new paint

2017-05-20: Rust treatment and cutting the floor

We didn’t have a whole lot of time this weekend, but made good progress doing some essential prep so we can get the new floor in.

Marking rust patches for treatment

Amy prepped the metalwork for rust treatment, and applied the POR-15 to all the minor inside patches of rust. It’s nothing serious, but we want to make sure all the rust in the inside is dealt with before we cover it in cladding or flooring, and never see it again.

Sanding down the rust patches to clean metal
Treated and repainted rust patches
Leaky trim clips before sealing

I cut closed cell foam for the floor insulation, plugged the leaky body trim clips with silicone, and cut some of the plywood floor panels to fit inside the van, using the old floor as a template.

Cutting plywood panels in the garden
One plywood floor panel, cut and painted